CrowdLEAD Specifications

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CrowdLead Display Units Product Specifications


Footprint – 6’ x 8’ without outriggers

Height – 8’-6” bottom of screen, fully raised; 14’-7” top of unit, fully raised



Screen Size – 4’-9” x 8’-5”
Resolution (lines) – 144 x 256
Pixel Pitch – 10mm SMD
Intensity – 5,000 nits


On-Board Generator:
Run Time – 25 hour at average load
Fuel – Gasoline
Sound – 54 db at 20 feet

Shore Power:
Requirements – 30 amp, 120 v, 1P

Control & Communication

Control Equipment Inputs – Windows-based player; HDMI; USB

Communication – WiFi; Bluetooth

Network – Remote controllable from central hub;
Signal to one or multiple units


Banner Frame – 1’-8” x 8-5”
supports banner size 21” x 100”

CrowdLead Display Units Content Specifications

Content Requirements for CrowdLead Screens

Pixel Spec – All video and graphics must fit into a pixel spec of 144 tall by 256 wide

Minimum Font – Minimum font of 24-point is recommended

Resolution – 300 dpi

Graphic Files Format – JPG or PNG

Video Files Format – MP4, 30 frames per second

Content Considerations

Backgrounds – Vivid, high-quality logos, images and text should appear in front of a contrasting background

Logos – Predominately white backgrounds should be avoided as they tend to be so bright as to “wash out” the accompanying logos, images, or messages

Length – The optimal length for content is 10 to 15 seconds. This allows for the message to be conveyed effectively to the greatest number of spectators before their attention is focused elsewhere

Transitions – All content should loop or transition smoothly in time from the end back to the beginning of the message in cases where message is run multiple times consecutively

Text – Text messages should be concise; appear in bold, highly visible fonts; and move into and out of viewing area in a quick, attention-grabbing fashion. Minimum font size of 24 points

Layers – The use of multiple, overlapping layers and 3-dimensional logos or text add depth and interest to the content


Content Creation Services

Available Content Creation Services – Festival Content Templates (wayfinding, weather, directional signage, emergency messages, and schedule of events)


  • Motion graphics and videos
  • Sponsorship messaging
  • Branding graphics and videos
  • Spectator engagement messaging and videos
  • Social media interaction
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